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Next event - Sunday 25th October, 11am - Uke Techniques & Tips

If you have a 10 minute skills session you could give, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online PD - Uke Tips Oct 2020

This online PD session will cover some uke tecniques and tips, including:

Sam Lemann

Tips and tricks on how to use iRealPro for teaching purposes, e.g. how to create backing tracks, workflow, etc.

Nicki & Craig (All the Way Home)

How to play together as a duet.

Tom the Pom

Life hacks for teaching online - cable management, apps, homework, etc.


Past Online events

Skills Session: 10 minute uke tips

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Skills Session: 10 minute uke tips


Our August 2020 PD Day was a skill based session on ukulele tips, presented by fellow AUTLA members Steph Payne, Dan MacEoin, Janine Shearer, Ruth Allen and Ian Porter.

The session was free for AUTLA members to attend, and the session PDF and Zoom link is now available here, if you are a financial member, and logged in!

Member discussion about returning to face-to-face ukulele

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Getting back to Face to face

We'll hear from various leaders who have already made steps to get back out there, about their risk-mitigation strategies, and about the feasibility of running simultaneous online and face to face groups.

While every attempt to record the session will be made, you never know what the Zoom gremlins will throw in the works, so do try to drop in live if you can!2019 PD Brisbane07

Topic: Getting back to face-to-face ukulele - experiences and ideas
Time: Jul 12, 2020 11:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
Members' access to the Zoom Meeting, via the Facebook page or the emailed invitation.





Online Professional Development: Zoom Ukulele Groups - Oh The Humanity!

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2020 Online PD MayOVERVIEW

At the request of members, and as a follow-on from our Online PD last month, we're delighted to announce the first in a series of online "knowledge sharing" events.

How can we best use Zoom with groups of ukulele players? What can we do to ensure that it's the richest possible experience for participants and to keep our groups and students connected while we're still unable to gather in the ways and places we did before.

This session's guest presenters are Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart from "The Sum of the Parts" in Newcastle, whose 9 Ukestras and 2 Choirs have undergone a massive evolution. They'll share their thoughts on running engaging and sustainable online sessions, and how they have used "breakout rooms" to enhance the user experience, not just in their "Zookestras" but in online teahing such as their improvisation courses.

After their presentation we will then open to the floor for you to ask and answer questions and to share your own experiences of this new medium.

NOTE: This session will NOT cover technical aspects such as sound and recording equipment, lighting, latency issues - these were covered in our previous PD Day. The video has been archived in the member's facebook group dated April 26.


FROM MARK & JANE: Zoom Ukulele Groups - Oh The Humanity!

We've been running Zookestras in Newcastle since mid March, and have now delivered over 70 online sessions.

Behind everything we do as ukulele teachers and leaders is our sense of community, and our responsibility to maintain that through making music together. Online teaching resources such as Zoom and Facebook can serve that purpose. In the previous AUTLA session Stu and Craig introduced us to the technology, however we want to look at the human elements that we have to grapple with. What new opportunities and challenges does online teaching present? We are still curators, we still care, and most importantly, we are still able to observe and respond to our community. So how do we best use the technology to serve these purposes, and how do we adapt?

'Cause we ain't comin' out of this non-singing-in-a-room-together period any time soon.

Join us for a zoomchinwag at AUTLA.



• 11am Mark Jackson & Jane Jelbart
• 11:30am Member Knowledge Sharing



This session is completely free for AUTLA members.



The Zoom link and password will be posted on the member's facebook group approx 30 minutes prior to the session. No registration is necessary.

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Online Professional Development: Adapting to an online teaching format


Video links of our past Online Professional Development topics are available to financial members - please log in.


This online professional development session has been designed to meet the immediate needs of our Australian ukulele community given the current world situation.
How do we adapt our groups and classes to an online teaching format? Which applications do we use? How can we ensure our video looks and sounds professional? How do we ensure effective learning using these new tools? And for our professional teachers, how can you continue to be paid?

OnlinePD2020CraigCheeandStuEadieOur featured guest presenters at this online session include:

Beyond his reputation as a well-respected international ukulele artist, Craig is also very much a teacher at heart. With a strong background in multimedia and photography, he has been teaching ukulele using a variety of online methods for years.
Craig and his wife, Sarah Maisel, run the successful online ukulele program, ArtistWorks. They have filmed and recorded hundreds of hours of ukulele curriculum videos, and prepared accompanying lesson handouts for each one. They regularly provide individualised video exchanges for each of their online students, and also teach privately over other platforms such as Skype.
Craig is very excited to present a workshop for our members covering topics such as:
• Camera equipment and angles
• Lighting
• Audio equipment
• Online teaching techniques
While Craig runs an elaborate set up for his regular live streams, he is also excited to share some basic tips that can you do at home on a budget to improve the video quality of your lessons.
For a look at his impressive home set up, skip to the 7.30 mark on this video:
In preparation for this session, Craig has asked us to explain our challenges in these areas so that he can personalise the session for our members. Please add this information when you register for the session.

Well known on the Australian ukulele scene as Uke Mullum, Stu runs a fantastic YouTube channel, where he teaches ukulele tutorials, in addition to running other groups and jams.
Stu also has a successful Patreon account. His presentation at this session will focus on how to setup and benefit from Patreon, as well as other ways to continue to be paid in this new online age.

• 10am Stu Eadie
• 11am Craig Chee
• General Discussion
The general discussion at the end is so that we can share how our groups and classes are adapting to online platforms. Which platforms are you using? What works, what doesn’t work? How are you structuring your groups to adapt? This is an opportunity to share and learn from each other.

This session is completely free for AUTLA members.