Online PD - Copyright & Licensing for Ukulele Groups

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2020 09 27 Copyright and AGM

Our September 2020 PD Day is a knowledge session on Copyright and Licensing for Ukulele Groups, presented by fellow AUTLA member Janine Shearer with a special guest from One Music Australia.

This session is free for AUTLA members to attend, and the session PDF and Zoom link will be available to members here, after the session.

For further details on the session, please see below.


If you use music that is protected by copyright in your business, Commonwealth legislation requires that you obtain permission (a licence) from the creators of that music. Simply crediting the creators is not enough.  
The good news for leaders of community music groups is that you may be able to access an affordable licence (<$300) that covers you for your work. 

Although no two teachers are alike, Covid has forced a lot of us to abandon our face-to-face classes and work in new ways from new platforms. This PD session will highlight what you can or can't legally do without obtaining permission from the copyright owner and address these topics:
  • making copies of music from paid or free sources
  • downloading free resources from the internet
  • performing live for free and/or for a fee
  • making audio recordings of music for practice, rehearsals and performances
  • using original sound recordings in rehearsals and performances
  • making your own arrangements 
  • running online 1:1 or groups lessons (e.g. Zoom)
  • presenting copyrighted material at PD sessions
  • live streaming sessions via Facebook/Instagram/Youtube
  • posting online a multi-screen video of your group playing a cover of a song you have arranged
  • making video recordings for practice and rehearsals
  • sharing "on-demand" video recordings online for a fee (e.g. via Patreon)
  • (for starters 😁)
The session is primarily targeted at leaders of Community Music Groups and will not be covering copyright issues for those working in schools, universities and colleges. 
It will be attended by a Licencing Representative from One Music Australia to help answer any questions.