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‘MUSICAL   NOTES   ON   THE   ‘A’,   ‘E’   AND   ‘C’   STRINGS’


This resource is pretty self explanatory. It’s a simple guide to start getting a student used to music theory. It is recommended a student learn the basics of music theory before learning tabelature as note duration on tabelature by it self is unclear without the corresponding music notation to go along with it.

If you see something like:

UKE TAB example1

You won’t know how long to play each note. But if you have the music notation along side the tab then we know how long to hold each note.

UKE TAB example


I have left out the notes on the ‘G’ string as they pretty much just double up from notes on the ‘E’ and ‘A’ strings.

The resources comes in 3 parts, one for each string 'A', 'E' and 'C' repectively. They begin wth string 'A' and progress to the 'C' string.

The material was originally created as a presentation (like Power Point) but I converted it to a PDF format for universal access.

By the end of the material the student wil be able to read the 'C' scale from music notation alone and know how long a (basic) note's duration should be.


Happy teaching...


pdfUke-NotesOnThe-A-String.pdf3.14 MB30/05/2019, 16:54

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