Why do we exist?

  • To give public voice to the Australian Ukulele Community;
  • To improve and expand the options for music education in Australian schools;
  • To bring together Australian ukulele teachers and leaders at a regular gathering/conference;
  • To support the development of quality teaching and leadership practice in community ukulele groups;
  • To offer, support and provide resources that promote professional development opportunities for ukulele teachers and leaders;
  • To increase the community’s knowledge of the pleasures and benefits of making music with the ukulele, both individually and in groups;
  • To increase the Australian ukulele community’s knowledge about the cultural, historical, geographical and theoretical aspects of music and music-making;
  • To create, improve and expand the links between the Australian ukulele community and the Australian folk music movement and associated festivals;
  • To maintain a professional network of Australian ukulele teachers and leaders across Australia;
  • To create and foster links between Australian and international ukulele teachers and leaders. 

AUTLA 2016 Workshops 2